Portable Mini Chess Set Made Out of Just Paper and Tape

Introduction: Portable Mini Chess Set Made Out of Just Paper and Tape

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This is one of my best road trip games and I am only 10 years old.  This involves simple materials.

Step 1: Parts Check

All we need is paper, regular scotch tape, and packing tape.  The tools we need are a functioning computer, printer, and scissors.

Step 2: Printing

We will print a chess board in this step.  First, make an 8x8 table and then, color it brown and pale white in the upper right corner. Feel free to ask questions in the comment box.

Step 3: Laminating

Note:  You do not need a laminator!
In this step, we will be laminating the chess board.  We will use packing tape.  Tape the front of the board and then do it on the reverse side.  Cut all excess tape hanging off the board.

Step 4: Chess Pieces

In this step, we are going to make all 32 of the chess pieces.  On your computer, make a 4x8 table and format the boxes to be the same size as the board.  Type in n for knight, q for queen, k for king, p for pawn, r for rook, and b for bishop.  Make 16 pawns, 4 bishops,  4 rooks, 2 kings, 4 knights, and 2 queens.  Color half one of the colors from step 2 and the other half the other color. 

Step 5: Laminating

This is the same as step 3, but with the pieces.

Step 6: Playing

Reverse fold some scotch tape, place it on each of the squares, and you are ready to play! 

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