Portable Music Player With 3D Printed Box

Introduction: Portable Music Player With 3D Printed Box

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It is a simple music player using 3D printed box which can play music from SD card, USB drive, Bluetooth & Aux

You can use headphone to hear music from it or can use Audio amplifier /home theatre for loud sound. I have used a simple 3D printed customized box for its casing you can Download the STL file of this project

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Step 1: Parts Needs

  1. FM USB AUX Card MP3 Stereo Audio Player Decoder Module Kit with Remote
  2. TP 4056 lithium battery charging module
  3. Old mobile phone battery
  4. 3.5mm stereo EP socket
  5. small switch
  6. plastic Box

Step 2: Making 3D Printed Box

Here I have used a 3D printed box you can download the stl file of box from here

Or you can use any small plastic box for it

Step 3: Connection & Complete

The connection of this music player is very easy

Connect positive & negative supply wire of music player module to Tp 4056 charging

module's out put pin & connect battery (+) ,(-) to tp 4056 charging module's "BAT" + & - pin

3 audio output wires connect to stereo Ep socket

Circuit diagram & details - From here

watch Project video - From here

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