Portable Music Player

Introduction: Portable Music Player

Electronics hobbyist

Portable music player
simple and superb.

Step 1: Needed Components

speakers 4 inch 3 watt
batteries 4v 1ah -2 or 4
capacitors , ic, resistors are specified in circuit.
mp3 module
plastic box
jumper wire

soldering iron and lead
wire splitter

other: Sun board

Step 2: Circuit Work

do all the circuits according to the schematic.

Step 3: Silver Jumper Wire to Every Component

solder the jumper wire to all the components so that they can be easily joined to the circuit.

solder the 5v input of the mp3 module to the output of the regulator circuit.

and audio output of the mp3 module to the jumper wire and connect thou the the amplifier circuit.

Step 4: Sun Board Cutting

cut the board as shown in the picture.
also cut for the speaker .

when I took this photo the speaker was already fixed.

after cutting fix them in place hot glue and screw them.

then attach the Sun board to the lid of the plastic box.

Step 5: Connecting

connect all the components according to the circuit and close the box.

Step 6: Charging

if you use the 9volts 500ma-1 amp adapter no need to change anything.

but if you want to use 12 volts adapter, you have to add the above circuit.

Step 7: Play and Enjoy!! the Music Anywhere Anytime.

now our music player is ready to rock.



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