Portable Outdoors With Three Glue Types

Step 1: Branches Go Lour

First: Gather a small pile of any sized twigs(depending on how big I you want your tree)l.Then you gather Spanish moss,a floral foam block,fake leaves,hot glue gun sticks,glitter,glitter glue,hot glue gun,and some plastic outdoor critters(opt)

Step 2: Well Hiden

Second:Take your floral foam block and hot glue Spanish moss(don't worry about hang offs or any thing, it makes it look more like the outdoors).

Step 3: Add Some Bling

Third:now you might want to add some glitter glue to your leaves just to spruce it up.First apply some glitter glue down the middle of the leaf.Next spread the glue with your finger or a paint or glue brush.

Step 4: Stick With the Stick

Fourth:Now you want to add your stick in the position you want ,add some glitter glue at the bottom and then sprinkle glitter on your project.

Step 5: Leafy Green

Fifth:Glue on leafs with carpenters glue or hot glue.(you may want to put some moss on the top for coverage).

Step 6: Last But Not Least

Sixth:Now you can decorate your project with a plastic critter and or maybe some rocks.(ps it is also for coverage).thats all an I hope you enjoy it!(ps don't forget to comment!



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    4 years ago

    Super easy to make