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This is a portable work station for the growing craft of paracord. I have made numerous bracelets, collars, and other crafts all while working out of a central location. This box holds numerous colors of paracord, tools, and an assortment of buckles. I have worked with paracord for almost a year and a half and in that time I have made this box to help organize my materials. I quickly realized as i became more consumed by this craft that i would need a storage device to hold my equipment. This box has grown to this point and may grow larger in the future. I hope that you enjoy my tutorial and I also hope that it may influence you to try a new craft for yourself.  

Step 1: Materials

-PVC Pipe
-Gatorade Bottles
-Tool Box

 There are no specifics to the tool box, I suggest one with small compartments to hold tools.

Step 2: Tools

-Power Drill
-1/4 Drill Bit
-PVC Pipe Cutters

Step 3: Storage

There are multiple ways to store the paracord, I will show three examples. If you want to use different methods feel free to make your own choices or suggestions. All of the storage devices I use are cost effective, and recyclable. Not to mention you can quench your thirst with the Gatorade.

Storage Options:
-The PVC Pipe works well for 100'-50' of cord
-The bottles work well for 50'-25' of cord
-Plastic bags work well for 25' or less of cord

Step 4: PVC Pipe

For the size of the box I use, I cut the pipe 6" long. To make the pipe accessible I drill three holes at 1/4", 3" and 5 & 3/4".
The next step I take is to pull the cord through the middle hole and tie a knot around the end, then pull
it tight and begin to wrap the cord around the pipe. When you have reached the end of the cord tie the end off at either end of the pipe through a hole on either end of the pipe.

**Note: I would be better to unravel the cord then to try and wrap with it bunched up.

Step 5: Gatorade Bottle

If using a bottle, take the bottle lid and drill a hole through the center of it. Trim the edges of the hole so there are no sharp edges to snag the cord. Remove the lid and begin to feed the cord into the bottle. When you reach the end of the cord run it up through the lid and tie a knot on the end, that way you're able to pull the cord through the lid without all of it coming out at once. It is accessible and mess free.

Step 6: Bags

I use ziplock bags to hold scraps or small amounts of cord. You just simply take the cord and put it into the bag.

Step 7: Finally Organize

The final step is to organize the box the way that suits you best.

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8 months ago

For my paracord, I use a rectangle of cardboard (sturdy) of 1/8" compressed board and cut a modified V/U shape into the long ends. Pop/drill two holes in the ends of the board for the ends of the paracord, I've put 100' of paracord on each. It turns out not unlike the commercial ones (ex. https://binged.it/2IjrKLM )


4 years ago on Introduction

What kind of lighter and tool box do u recommend?


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

im kinda on a binge with making stuff so its not organize i will send a pic as soon as i can


Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

i wouldnt bother with the product at walmart there are better deals online if your interested in getting into this hobby message me and i can tell you more about it


5 years ago

This is a fantastic!! I have a craftboard on Pinterest and am going to post this on it♥

1 reply

5 years ago on Introduction

Thank you for sharing your creativity. When you're loading cord onto the pvc pipe, are you using your drill to power-spin the pipe, or are you turning the pipe by hand?

2 replies

Reply 5 years ago

i turn by hand but i never thought to use the drill but that seems a bit dangerous if you do attemp be careful its harder naking knotswith only three fingers


Reply 5 years ago

Thank you. Your caution is most appropriate. Good luck.

yes its not able to carry a whole room but useful enough to make a bacelet collar or landard on the go