Portable Cat Scratcher

Introduction: Portable Cat Scratcher

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This is an instructable of making a portable scratcher for your pet.

The reason I did this because I want to protect my furniture especially the sofa from getting scratched by the cats (or dogs) and this instructable is out of my comfort zone.

Step 1: The Items

The items that I used are from my past projects.(However, you can buy the items from the hardware section)

  1. Reclaimed wood plank (You can used any size of plank)
  2. Used nylon strings (I use two leftover strings)


  1. Stapler gun

Step 2: The Making

  1. Firstly, I staple the nylon string to the end of plank.
  2. Then, I firmly wrap the string around the plank.
  3. At the end of the string, I staple it to the plank.
  4. If the string is not enough to wrap to the end of the plank, you can add another string.

Step 3: The Scratcher

Lastly, I have to teach the cats and kittens to use the scratcher. (I hope I succeed)


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