Portable Pub / Jockey Box

Introduction: Portable Pub / Jockey Box

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An easy way to serve your draught beers whilst camping, tailgating or where you please really.

Keeps your corny kegs cold so the beer doesn't die from shock when it hits a cooling coil.

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Step 1: What You'll Need and the Video on How to Put It Together.


-2x 20L plastic buckets

-1x 2400x1200 (8x4) sheet of film faced ply/form ply

-something for a bench top (try to use a bit of hardwood, the laminate I used here was ok for a while)

-a trolley

-tap font

-beer line, ball locks, hose clamps and a regulator

-silicone, construction adhesive, spray foam and assorted fixings

-a little bit of hose for a drain pipe

-some hoop iron to hold the gas bottle


The size of the cabinet that you will need to make will be dependent on the size of the buckets and also the keg you are trying to keep cool! The overall measurements for this cabinet are 800h x 350d x 350w.


Hopefully this was of help to you!

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    Nice! It would be awesome to make a whole portable outdoor bar.


    Reply 3 years ago

    Thanks mate, I am planning on making a second box to hold a second brew, park it next door to this one and run the lines out to the second tap.