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Introduction: Portable Rain Stick

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As you can see, last weeks I've been obsessed with rain sticks..... things that happen. Now I have two rain sticks and probably I wouldn't make another in the next seventy years. Time to start a new obsession! But before to start with an another thing I explain you how to make a portable rain stick with two packets of tablets.

It's 22,5cm longer so you can bring it on your bag and make some spontaneous performances! You never know when you'll need a rain stick!


- Two metalic tubes of Couldina or any other tablet.

- Nails

- Masking tape

- Hot glue or any other glue that could glued metal

- Rice

- Acrylic paint

- Varnish

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Step 1:

Take a tube of (in this case) Couldina (now is when the entreprise pay me a commission for free advertising!). Then hammer nails all around the tube. I made it in spiral form letting 1cm between nails. You must hammer the nails straight.

The tablet packet is made of a kind of soft metal; due to this you need to be very careful when your hammer the nails because once the hole is made you can correct it. And the nails fall more often than a cardboard tube so be patience.

You should achieved something similar to the picture.

Step 2:

To prevent nails from falling around, I covered the tube with masking tape. It keeps the nails in place and it's easy to paint than metal.

Step 3:

Repeat these three steps with the other tube.

Step 4:

Poor some rice inside of ONE of the tubes. I used 2-3 little spoons. I used rice but I also tried it with lentils but I think the rice sounds better. Of course you can use sand, beads, little stones, etc. The tube material improves the sound a lot!

Step 5:

Put the tubes together. Be careful of not throwing the rice away... Glue them with hot glue. Sure other type of glue will work. But I made it this way to used the glue as decoration.

Step 6:

I painted it with acrylic paint, I attached some ribbons and I varnished it.

With this combination... I've created a Wiccan rain stick! Yeah! I'm ready to rock....or should I say ready to do some Magick and attend a million sabbats.

Ps. I uploaded a video to let you hear the sound!

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    Just two days ago my wife and I were talking about how we could make a rain stick. Now I know. Thank you for sharing. I am going to have fun with this. Well done!