Portable Security Lamp

Have you ever needed a motion-detection security lamp in an area without a place to mount one?  Here's a nifty way to make a portable one you can plug in anywhere.

Step 1: Portable Security Lamp - Parts

Parts you will need:
1) Motion detection lamp, or sensor and lamp assembly
2) Plastic jar with plastic or metal lid.
3) Weights for jar, rocks, sand, etc.
4) Power cord rated for number and size of lamps you want to use.

Step 2: Portable Security Lamp - Assembly

Drill the jar cap for mounting the lamp on top and in the center for the wires to pass through.
Drill the back of the jar for the power cord to pass through.
Mount the lamp and sensor on top with a couple of bolts.
Run the power cable through the back and attach the lamp wires.  Tie a knot in the power cord on the inside of the jar to keep it from coming out if pulled.

***Warning*** Make sure there is no exposed wire.  Tape if needed with electrical tape.

Step 3: Portable Security Lamp - Assembly

Fill the jar with some weights. I used lead, but lead is not safe to handle for children.  Rocks or sand will work also.

Step 4: Portable Security Lamp - Assembly

Install lamps of your choice. I used 60W flood lamps for indoor use.  Don't use lamps rated above the recommendations on the sensor unit.

Step 5: Portable Security Lamp - Assembly

Adjust settings on sensor unit per the manufacturers' directions.

Step 6: Portable Security Lamp - Operation

Plug in the lamp and check the sensor settings, on-time, sensitivity, day/night, etc.

If you want more security, add a siren in parallel to the lamp wires, or a switch for a camera, or an automatic dialing device to call your cell phone, or...........



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    3 Discussions


    3 years ago

    Nice project - simple to make, very useful. Very well explained and illustrated.


    5 years ago

    Love the semi wad cutter weights!! Neat project overall.