Portable Solar Power Pack

Introduction: Portable Solar Power Pack

The Trak Pak a design to come in the near future. The idea/concept is to have a portable 12v Dc and 120 v Ac along with a 5v dc usb power. The concept is to use solar panels, a battery bank, a solar charge controller, and some other electrical parts to piece together a Solar Power Pack.

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Step 1: Financing

our budget is too swing this project all for around or under 100 bucks

Step 2: Parts

Solar Charge Controller + a 12 volt 10 watt solar panel= $60 (ebay)
2 or more 6 volt or 12 volt 10 amp hr batterys
$ free-$80 (I got them free from a friend)
Cobra 400 watt inverter $18 (ebay)
these next few parts can be free if you have them laying around
light switch $1-5
electrical outlet x2 $5
2 gang electrical box $3
1 gang electrical box $2
2 gang electrical outlet wall plate $2
1 gang light switch wall plate$2

Step 3: The Design

take your solar panel and connect them to the solar charge controller
run the battery terminal on the charge controller to your battery bank and from there run them to your light switch. Join the load terminal on the charge controller to the input on the light switch and then run the output from the light switch to your inverter. Then from you inverter wire the 120 volt output to the electrical outlet box

Step 4: Precautions

im not responsible for any injurys caused due to building this attemp at your own risk. id advise only attempting this project if you have previous knowledge in electronics.

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    thanks aha yeah I just got my first job so I should be able to build it soon