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In this Instructable I will teach you how to Mix Together your own paint, and have it in something a bit more portable for all your painting needs, As all us Graf heads and artists know how hard it is to carry your paint with you and go unseen. enjoy!


Step 1: Materials!

there is about 3 mandatory items here to get the job done and up to par and the other materials are just extras i chose to add or use during my instructable. first off you will need to find a portable spray container fit to your needs, you need a small amount of water, and some craft paint, or acrylic, oil based, whatever it is that fancys your needs, and i also have a sharpee which you will see why it is pictured shortly..!

Step 2: Whip It..GOOD

first go ahead and start off small based on travel spray container size. i put about half or a tad over half of paint, and a third of what i put in paint. maybe a bottle cap full of water is about right. i also added a ball bearing into the mixture for mixing up our product. anddddd the sharpee...i dont know why but i thought it may be a good idea to cut a chunk of the sharpee guts off and add to paint to give it a slight more intense color as well as extra permanent. mix shake spray!!

Step 3: Shake and Spray!!!

you are now ready to go paint the town...



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