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Introduction: Portable Swing

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I am a student of Howest in Kortrijk. We got an assignment of making a swing that you can carry around and use in the middle of the woods.

I am going to explain in the following steps, how to make the swing and how to use it.

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Step 1: What Do You Need?

- 2 sticks of 50 cm long and 3cm diameter

-1 stick of 40 cm long and 3cm diameter

-2 u shaped screws around 4cm wide

-2 carbiners

-8 adjustable rope rings

-2 rings about 5cm long (it can be a round ring, it doesn't really matter)

-2 times 10m strong rope (must hold about 100kg)

- 2 times 0.5 strong rope (same as above)

-1 small rope from around 4m long (the white one)

- 1piece of cloth 1m long and 40cm wide (I used cloth that is use for beach chairs)

Step 2:

First we are going to start with the system to hang the swing to a branch:

Drilling the holes:

Grab the stick of 40cm and drill 2 holes on the end like on the photo (make sure the ropes fit trough the holes).

Then grab te u-shaped screws and drill 2 holes perpendicular to the other holes, make sure the u-shaped screws go through the 2 smaller holes.

Then drill a smaller hole trough the middle of the stick where the small white rope fits through.

Fitting the u shaped screws in the holes:

Put the u shaped screws in the holes and secure the screws wit the nuts.

You should have something like on the last picture.

Step 3:

Now we are going to attach the ropes to the stick from step 1:

Grab the e 10m long rope and make a small loop with the adjustable rope rings on the end of each rope.

Put the other end of the ropes through the large hole.

Put the small rope through the small hole and make a knot at the end.

Tip: you can burn the tip of the rope to make it stronger and it's easier to put it through a hole.

You can spin the ropes around the stick, youl should have something like on the last picture.

This part is done so you can put this piece of the swing aside.

Step 4:

We are going to start with the actual swing:

Grab the 2 other sticks of 50cm long.

Drill 2 holes in them on the end of the sticks.

Grind the sticks until they feel soft.

(If you want you can paint the sticks in a color to make the swing look nicer, i painted mine white)

Step 5:

Grab the cloth (it can be anything but i has to be self supporting)

Stitch on both sides of the cloth a loop, make sure the sticks can pass through it.

I stitched 2 pockets on the swing, i will show for what they will be used in the video)

Step 6:

Put the sticks through the loops of the cloth.

Step 7:

Grab the short ropes and put them through the holes.

Make a small loop on each end and put in an adjustable ring.

Then make a loop at each side of the cloth. And close the loop with an adjustable rope ring.

Do this on both sides and put the carbiners through the small loops, like on the last picture.

Step 8: How to Use the Swing?

Here you can see how to use thing swing.

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