Portable Swing Matt

Hello my name is Matthieu

The reason why I made this instructable is because it is a school project. In this instructable I will explain you how to make this beautiful swing successfully in a few steps. After making our lovely swing we're going to try it in a park.

Step 1: The Seat

The seat has to absorve the power of adults although this swing actually is made for kids. So I had to look for a kind of wood that where strong enough. The solution was Oak, more specific White American Oak. First off all you need to abrade and saw you're wood at the correct sizes. The seat was made out of 2 pieces that I just glued together and its dimensions are 550mm x 280mm x 15mm. After sanding the seat I was ready for the next step and that was moulding the 2 pointers. These 2 pointers also serve the suspension system.

Step 2: The Rope

I use super thin nylon thread. Actually it's 3 times woven wire. It is a super strong material, most of the people do not trust the wire but it is completely save. The wire is even ductile that gaves you an extra rapture. At one side of the pointer the rope is hitched with the clove hitch. On the other side I 've used an snap hook. How can you swing on this swing? First you need to throw the snap hook with the wire attached over the branch and then you'll need to rivet it together.

Step 3: Enjoy You're Own Made Swing

I can't wait to swing again but always be careful.




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