Portable Ultraviolet Light a

Portable Ultraviolet light A

(Same as Sun Light UV 315-400nm)

Parts :

1. (1) Portable LED lights with USB (~$0.2)

2. (5) Ultraviolet light (~$0.07@)

3. (5) 220 Ohm resistor

Steps : See above photo

Remark :

UVA 315-400 nm
Checking of counterfeit banknotes

Pest control Hardening of inks and coatings

and disinfection same as Sun Light

Warning :

Don't Point Ultraviolet light at Faces or Eyes

Don't Point and Hold a Ultraviolet light on the Skin

Don't Give Ultraviolet light to Children

Use :

Direct point to target about 5 mins and distance within 12 inch around.

Portable for anywhere (Travel, Hotel, Washroom, Bed, tableware.....)

More Information : iMediaBank - http://www.imediabank.com



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    2 years ago

    Nice idea but these kind of UV LEDs don't emit the UV-B and UV-C rays required to disinfect/kill the bacteria!

    1 reply