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Introduction: Portable Windsock

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I got into power kiting recently and with all the leaves falling off I no longer have any way of gauging the wind, so I made a windsock. So if you are in a simmilar dillema, or just like to watch pretty things flap in the breeze, then this is the instructable for you.

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Step 1: Making Template and Cutting

First you need to find a large enough piece of cardboard to use as a template. I used an 12X15 piece cut in half long ways, and taped them together. Next find the center on one end and use a yard stick to trace a line to the corners on the opposite side. (To make a triangle) Then cut a good portion of the point off (Like in the picture) this is so the air can flow through. Then trace onto some ripstop nylon (Or whatever you have) and cut it to out. You can use two of the same color fabrics but i chose 2 tone because i had 2 colors, it looks cooler, and is easier to see for the instructable.

Step 2: Hemming and Sewing Together

So that the ends of the windsock dont fray you will want to hem them, unless you don't care. In case you dont know, hemming is folding the fabric over itself and sewing it that way. About a half inch is appropriate. Only do this on the front and back not the sides. It should look like the picture below. Next lay them over eachother with the stiches facing out (Very important if you want it to look good) Now stich the sides together and you should get a horrible looking thing like below. (But don't freak out it's supposed to look like that.

Step 3: "Socking"

At this point you are going to "Sock" the windsock, much like how you put a pillow into a pillowcase. Put your hand inside and grab the back. Your finger will probably be the only thing small enough to make it, so you will end up looking like something out of a sci-fi movie. Now with your other hand grab the front and pull the back through, this will turn it inside out and make a nice happy windsock.

Step 4: "Bridling"

Now you need some method of attaching it to something, instead of dealing with wire I used a bunch of strings to hold its shape. You need to cut 4 6" pieces of string and tie knots in each end. You will also need one 8" piece with knots. In the front of the windsock cut 4 holes opposie eachother (Imagine a cross over the opening, put them where the cross touches the fabric) Then tie them all together with the 8" string. It should look like below.

Step 5: Assembling the Pole

Of course you will need something to attach your windsock to, so here it is.

You will need:

A metal tent stake
A collapsable tent pole
(If you have one, if not you can use any smooth pole it will just take up more space)
3 Small zip ties
Hot glue

FIrst line up the tent stake on one side of the pole and zip tie it on, but loose enough that you can still slide it up and down. Hot glue them in place. Now put a zip tie on the other side and tie the windsock to it. Also hot glue this in place and remember to cut of the excess. You now have a portable colapsable wind sock. To pack it up wrap it around the pole and tuck it under itself.

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    9 months ago

    Our school has a River Monitoring Project in New Zealand, and we have a drone that the students fly out over the river every 2 weeks. We will make this to help us with risk assessment before taking flight. Will post some pictures!


    Question 1 year ago

    I was thinking of using this design for a windsock kite for an English project. Do you think it would work well? I need my kite to stay in the sky for the longest period of time to win the competition.


    2 years ago

    This is so amazing


    2 years ago

    I am making one of these for school! But, a Canada one!