Portable Work Station

Introduction: Portable Work Station

This is a workstation that I use for everything from hobby painting to soldering.

Step 1: Front of Workstation

It folds up and does not have a large foot print when everything is closed up.

Step 2: The Bottom Drawer

The bottom drawer not only is storage but acts as a platform to rest the main door when open.

Step 3: Removable Shelf

I lined the bottom with hard plastic to make clean up easy. Also by having it removable it makes it more open to allow for bigger projects.

Step 4: Accessories

I made a LED light that has long flexible arms so I can put the light where I need it. As you can see the top flap makes a good shelf for light things.

Step 5: SketchUP

I also included the SketchUp file so if you need a different view you can.

Step 6: To Put in Those Screws

This is the jig I used. I can't remember where I got it, but I pick up a lot of tools second hand so it might have been a yard sale



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    8 Discussions

    I love this workstation but, step by step instructions are key to an "instructable".

    You need to give us a step by step guide. It seems unfair to vote for this without all the details being included.

    Nice !…

    But … Is it really portable ?

    I'm afraid you didn't care for blocking / fastening all these vials and small bottles that might get loose as soon as the station will be carried from place to place …

    Or … Am I wrong ?…

    i like.. my grandpa had something like this at home. closed to take no space...opened to a huge work table.

    Also how did u make those screw holes in step 3, pic 2?

    Upgraded to Pro to get the PDF and still no dimensions. What gives? Disappointed in this one.

    2 replies

    I am working on sketch-up files today. I am sorry to not have put them down in the first place, I was not expecting such a wonderful response from the Instructable community. If anyone else would like a close up or a picture from a different angle let me know and I will post it as soon as I can. Again Thank you for your comments, and keep them coming so I can improve this for everyone.

    That is awesome. Really like the project so will be watching for the specs. Thanks.

    It's ok, the only thing I would change about it Is the fact that there's no instructions

    Would have been nice to have blue print of it. To see how you built it.