Portable Camp Lantern Holder Made at Techshop Chandler




This is a simple lantern holder that I made to take camping. I wanted something portable, that would also not take up a lot of room to store or transport camping.

Tools you will need:

  • Drill and drill bits
  • Hack saw
  • Crescent wrench
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Tape measure
  • Sharpie

Materials you will need:

  • 1/2" 10ft electric metal conduit
  • 1/2" EMT set screw coupling
  • 5/16" x 6" cloths line hook
  • old disk brake
  • 3//8" 12" threaded rod and two 3/8" nuts

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Step 1: Cutting the Conduit

You will need to cut two 3 foot long pieces from the conduit. This will be the primary body of the lantern holder. You can use a hacksaw, jig saw, etc to make this cut, as long as the blade is designed to cut metal and will leave a fairly clean cut.

Step 2: Installing the Coupling

Install the EMT screw coupling on one of the pieces of conduit, and tighten it down.

Step 3: Installing the Hook for the Lantern

On the other piece of conduit, you will measure approximately 1-2" from the end of the conduit, and drill a hole with for the cloths line hook. I initially drilled a small pilot hole, then drilled out the hole to the proper size. This is doable with a hand drill and some patience but is a job that is easier with a drill press where you can clamp down your project. You could also use a hammer to slightly flatten the conduit then drill it if you needed to as well. Then install your hook, and tighten down the two bolts to make it nice and snug.

Step 4: Creating the Base for the Lantern Holder

Take the 3/8" rod and place it through one of the bolt holes in the disk brake, bolt it down using the two bolts so it is held tightly in place. I had to make my hole slightly bigger in order to get the rod to fit. Other brakes may not need this done. I also painted my disk brake so it would not rust away on me either. You can use other heavy objects if you don’t happen to have an old disk brake lying around as well.

Step 5: Assembling Your Lantern Holder!

Its now time to assemble your lantern holder. Connect the two pieces of conduit together and slide them onto the disk brake. Then simply hang you lantern on the hook! You should now have a portable lantern holder that you can collapse down to a small size for camping!



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    13 Discussions

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    2. Если уж понадобилась подставка, а такое бывает на вулканическом плато, на широком песчаном берегу, где просто нет растительности. Так зачем же тащить с собой всю тяжесть железа? !! :-( Повсеместно есть противовесы для зонтов, которые заполняются водой или песком. Прибыл на место налил воды в канистру где есть отверстие в середине и вес будет тяжелым, и таскать его не надо. Перед сворачиванием лагеря воду вылил и отправился дальше налегке. :-) Даже обычные пет-бутылки с песком, связанные вместе гораздо надежнее, ветер не опрокинет вашу лампу и палатка не сгорит.

    Cool idea, I've been thinking of some other ideas using conduit for camping. A couple of things.

    On step 3, on drilling making a mark with a punch or a nail can help with keeping the drill bit from skating.

    If you want to up grade or make another one might I suggest getting larger conduit(I think1/2 will fit in 3/4 not sure right now without checking) and larger couplings and replacing the top screw with a appropriately sized eye bolt. That way it could be adjustable like jmwells IV stand.

    Just an idea, might need some bugs ironed out <shrug>

    4 replies

    Thanks for the ideas. If you wanted to try this, I would recommend using the 1/2" conduit on the bottom. This way you could keep it nice and snug when sliding it over the 3/8" treaded rod.

    if I had some brake disks around(wish I did) i probably would. But I'm probably going with the larger conduit on bottom. It may work out better for the ideas I'm trying to work on that way anyway, just need to figure out a inexpensive base.

    BTW another reason to see if this works out is so that you don't have 2 pipes trying to go their separate ways while waiting to go camping.

    I really like this idea, it's nice and simple and versatile(DIY inexpensive tarp or tent poles)

    I used to use a long piece of rebar (18-24") that I would drive into the ground and put the conduit in it. This was a problem for us in some places that had hard or really rocky ground. Doing something like that may also be an option.


    5 years ago

    Good job. I cheated, I picked up an old IV stand at an auction. Advantage; mine's adjustable in height.

    3 replies

    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    An IV stand sounds like it could make a good lantern holder as well! I really don't have a problem with the fact that its not adjustable. I've honestly not thought to myself that I wish I could adjust the height while out camping. One of those to his own I suppose!


    Reply 5 years ago on Introduction

    It allows me general lighting before bed, and more concentrated light as we get in the tent.

    Great job! Looks like it would be much safer than trying to hang it from a tree and you can stand it anywhere :D