Portable N Compact Coffee Filtering Coffee Mug No Coffee Machine Needed




Ok If you haven't check out my coffee filtering straw instructable you should definitely check it out!!.. and while at you are it. vote for me :)..


This solves the long problem of people who love coffee yet detest instant coffee.. for campers, for people who don't have coffee machines, for people who like a strong cup of coffee, for people who like to be able to make coffee anywhere fast and easy.. and the best part about it.. is that even your wife or loved one will love and use!!

So anyways when i was telling my wife about my awesome coffee filtering straw for people who like to go camping and want to have a portable coffee maker without having to drink instant coffee.. i thought she would be very impressed.. yet i was meet with the single most thing guys hate.. a face of dissaproval and a quick question. why would people want to drink coffee from a straw..

I tried to explain to her that people who go camping don't like to carry a bunch of things.. and even though some people love coffee .. they dont want to carry a coffee maker.. yet i don't think she got the pont of my invention..

So instead of giving up and accepting that my wife would prob never use my invention.. i went back and reworked my design..

She has a coffee mug that she never leaves behind.. i saw that the same refillable coffee filter from my keurig machine that i used in the coffee filtering straw also fitted inside the coffee mug.. So i test fitted my coffee filter inside and tried to work a way for it to still filter my coffee..

so here it is


Keurig refilable coffee cup
coffee mug.. (one like the one i'm using)

Step 1: Take Apart Coffee Cup N K Cup

Take apart your coffe mug.. the top part..

take apart refillable k cup

Step 2: Push and Snap Close Your Top

Notice that the only thing keeping the top part together are these small pieces of plastic.. the filter will not let you close it unless you push it to the side.. the snap at least one of them in and close it like in the pictures..

1 of these will be enough to keep the lid nice and closed. i haven't had any issues with my lid opening.. but be careful since i don't know how your mug is made 

Step 3: Close the Holes and Make a New Hole

The original two holes where you used to drink coffee from won't work if you want your coffee filtered.. you will be drinking coffee grounds if you use these two holes..:)

So rotate it closed like you would normally  do..

The part being filtered is the middle.. but you don't have holes there. so you will need your handy drill and make a new hole.. 

try to pick a spot where is not too close to the center.. you want it to be close to the edge but not too much.. because that part will not be filtered..

Take your top apart.. mark your new hole spot and drill away

Step 4: Boil Some Water Add Your Coffee and Enjoy the Smallest Most Portable Coffee Maker in Your Coffee Mug

Boil so water mix your coffee and enjoy the smallest most portable coffee maker in your coffee mug..



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    9 Discussions


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Love this idea, I'm going to inspect a few of the mugs/covers I have to find the best option and make one of my own. As a coffee fanatic I also appreciate everyone's info on water temp/sugar, etc., never to late to learn something new.


    6 years ago on Introduction

    Awesome Idea, and great use of materials already at hand...


    6 years ago on Introduction

    While the idea is nice one of these, which I've had for years, doesn't require me to carry anything I didn't already carry camping. It fits in the water bottles you probably already have and works pretty well.


    It also works as a first level in straining water to prep for drinking.


    7 years ago on Introduction

    The only thing I might add (as a coffee snob) is that it looks like you are dumping your grounds into boiling water. That's a big no no. Ideal brew temperature is between 195 and 205 F. Otherwise you are brewing out all kinds of acid and other bad tasting things. Either add sugar to the water to lower it's boiling point (like Turkish coffee) or let the water cool a bit before adding grounds. If you want to know more about making good coffee get The Book of Coffee and Tea by Schapira and / or visit sweetmarias.com/library/

    2 replies

    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Or you could live at a mile altitude, where our water boils at about 200F. I get my water to a full boil in the microwave and pour through a manual Melitta filter. Perfect every time.


    Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

    wow didnt know about the boiling part.. i'm definetly gonna try the sugar thing.. thanks for the feedback