Portable Soundhack System

Introduction: Portable Soundhack System

Portable soundhack system

This mini portable sound amplifier is made up of really free or just of 1 or 2 dollar. It is very easy to make and play this system.
Materials Required:-
1- Card board cone(or you can make it yourself out of useless boxes)
2- A small speaker
3- A bread board
4- A 3v battery
5- Some little electrical components
6- Soldering iron
7- One male audio  pin
Now you are ready go just assemble all the parts, also make a small amplifier circuit as shown in the circuit diagram. First of all make a simple low cost amplifier circuit and solder them together or either put them together on bread board, potentiometer act as a sound control switch which can be moved to control the audible sound level.
Now put the speaker attached to the amplifier circuit on the one mouth of the card board cone which is less in diameter, and attach your amplifier chip to the power source of  3 to 9v dc battery and plug in the male audio pin into the female audio pin of your mobile phone or any other device and play the music you want to listen now you are ready to go adjust the sound and enjoy your portable soundhack system

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