Portable Usb Cellphone Charger V2





Introduction: Portable Usb Cellphone Charger V2

Hi instructable viewers!
In this tutorial i am going to show you how to make portable usb cellphone charger V2
Its very simple and it will cost you only 2$

So parts list
12v car usb charger (smaller the better)
9v battery connector
slide switch
9v battery

Tools you will need.

Soldering gun 
Hot glue gun

If you have any question be sure to ask them in comments ;)

You can make this even more cheap if you use rechargable 9v battery.

Hope you enjoy! 



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    Here is big suggestion...I fly RC airplanes you can get Li-po batteries at local hobby shop and charger but cost more.mail order places like BP hobbies and dealxtream has cheap lipo batteries for phone you only need 10c this is discharge rate also cheep charger.about 20 bucks will get charger and batteries.lipo batteries last way longer and have a lot more capasity I can use mine for days and only takes 15 mins to recharge lipo with two you never run out of power and won't have to buy batteries for long long time

    Hello I'm trying to make this for my school science fair. I just have a simple question do you need to have a Soldering gun.

    My car charder died and stopped working after about 3 days of this... What happened

    i tried to make this with solar panels but couldn't figure it out. so can I just use multiple 9v batteries together (I have bunches) and have it charge my phone in a few hours. I would use this in an emergency though so great idea.

    I made one but I used a USB car charger, and a 12v car socket adapter which I just clipped to the 9v battery. Charges my iPad 3rd gen and my Droid Razr M just fine! Thanks for the great idea!


    But it's showing "charging is not supported with this accessary" what to do?

    Where to get slid swicth

    i try to make one with 2 6volt solar panels on 9000mah batterys
    and an adaptive 9volt extra battery on a little case

    its awesome i amke it too for me
    sorry my english is not perfect
    i build this same but without on/off switch
    its work on all my usb tools phone/lamp/samsung s3 / iphone / ipad

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    Nice charger, but very inefficient. Everything over 5v is lost as heat :/ i recomend getting a dc-usb step-up converter instead (they cost about 2$ @ ebay w/shipping), and use it with two AA batteries ;)

    I dont know why but my iphone says '' this accessory may not be supported '' ,but other ,beside that other devices works just fine ;)

    Hi, which is the brand of your usb car charger? It's because the ones I've found, can't be opened. Thanks