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Introduction: Portable Videogame With Led Screen

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New version of the game with LED display, with some new features and two boards easier to wire.

Step 1: Stuff You Need

9 - BC548 or similar .

5 - RGB leds
20 - red leds

11 - 1k ohm
5- 220 ohm
4 - 10k ohm
1 - 560 ohm

1 - 100 uf
1 - 100 nf

1 - PIC 16F628A

Misc: An on/off switch, 1 piezo transducer, plastic credit card, two batteries holder.

Step 2: Make the Boards

The board were made using the toner way.
Both front and back boards are the same size.
You can find the pdf files for making this boards in the first step.

Step 3: Assemble the Boards

Follow the images as a guide for mounting the components.
Is control boards was improved and I removed all the jumpers from the last version.
However be careful with the jumpers in the screen board.

Step 4: Connect the Boards Together

Wiring the boards together was very annoying in the first version.
Now this is so much easier, you can use the terminal for the resistors for doing this work. Be careful with the blue led, it is not connected.

Step 5: Plastic Back and Batteries

Cut a credit card of the size of this device, just a few millimeters.
Make more round corners and drill the holds for the screws.
Paint and drill holes for the wires of the batteries holders.
Glue them in the back and connect this three layers together using four metallic spacers.

Step 6: Games

The games are stored in the memory of the pic microcontrollers.
You have to reprogram the microcontrollers in order to change the games or have a few pics with the different games on them.
So far I have only adapted the games from the previous version. I gonna try to make more games in the future.

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    how to print for gerber file

    Wait so those the type of pic matter because i want to know if i can use this pic PIC16F88.

    how do you program such kind of basic electronic games..... please message me or reply here.....

    The led racer game is too big for that microcontroller, but you can use the simon game. I have uploaded the files. Regards, Bruno.

    ¡Muy bueno, Bruno! Te felicito.

    Very goos, Brunoip, congrats.

    I have submitted lots of instructables before, and taken inspiration from many others, but I have never actually just built one straight up! your one might be the first I do, it's super cool, looks good, perfect execution! good luck in the LED contest! anthony