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Introduction: Portable Workshop From a Jacket

Hi guys,today i'm gonna show you how to make a cheap portable workstation made from a jacket.This is my second Instructable.So this is a easy-to-use workstation developed from a cheap but strong jacket.This jacket could be easily carried from place -to-place with a wight of less than 1.5 kg.The project took me 3 days but,could be done in least 1 day or less.No experience is needed for the project,all the stitching and pasting of the Velcro could be done by hand or by a local tailor for less than 10$.All the tool's and stuff would be found in your house or a local store.When buying the jacket,NOTE buy a size of xLarge(46-48") so that you can increase or decrease by stitching it.If you want to have more tools and other portable stuff buy a bigger Jacket of size: 2XLarge(50-52"),3XLarge(54-56").For me the total expenses became 40$.While making don't forget to make an awesome tool,the mini but powerful drill in my web page.Now lets get started.Before that buy only a jacket with a zipper on it

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Step 1: Item's and Tool's Need

Items need

vernier caliper x 1

Pocket HandTorch Lighter x 1

Cutting Mat A3 x 1

Cutter x 1

multimeter x1

Soldering Iron x 1

Wire x 50 or more

Rechargeable battery x 2 to 3

solar panel x 1 (if needed i am not using it)

Jacket x (polyester or nylon)

Velcro x 12 to 20

and other stuff that come in handy which you think is usable for the project

Tools and adhsive needed

Sharp scissor x 1

Super glue x 50ml

Tailoring machine x 1 (if doing by hand)

etc .............................

Step 2: Cutting the Jacket

While cutting make sure that you cut the,Arm of the jacket,collar and other parts so that you get a perfect rectangle.No problem for bits coming out you could finish it in the final step.Don't cut the zipper, the zipper will make's the workstation look like a normal bag.Now to the most important part,while stitching do not stitch the upper and lower part so that you could open it perfectly and easily,and it is not necessary to stitch it you could just staple it using a regular stapler.It is easy try it out.

Failures is what teaches us more than what we study

Step 3: Attaching the Velcro and Pasting the Tools

This process could be done in two methods

1) By stitching it using a tailor machine

2) By pasting it using a superglue

In my project,i am pasting the velcro using a superglue.So first keep all the tools necessary for the project in the jacket without sticking it.Now outline the tools using a marker,chose the color by checking the color of the jacket.After outlining,stick the velcro in the middle of the outline.While sticking the velcro to different tools don't forget to stick a cello tape below so that the dirt from the velcro won't stick to the tools

Step 4: Final View

In this step you could sew up all bits of cloths project out.After sewing in try to etch so awesome graffiti or some other pictures REMEMBER DON'T MELT THE JACKET.

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    5 years ago on Introduction

    I'll try not to melt the jacket when I make one. This is cool! Clever re-use is always something worth sharing.