Portal Cubeecraft Papercraft

Introduction: Portal Cubeecraft Papercraft

Ever wished you could enjoy the fun benefits of Portal and Portal  but you were unfortunately stuck in 

A) A place without Internet Access
B) Your uptight office cubicle 
C)  Your Girlfriend's Wedding

and didn't have time to play?  If you chose All of the above, this papercraft is for you! Now you can bring around the portable fun of Portal with Steo's own Portal Petite Papercrafts!  The set comes with Chell, Two Standard Issue Aperture Science Weighted Cube and that "Mute Lunatic" herself, Chell!  

This papercraft is also amazingly easy for anyone who at least knows their way around a Cubee Craft.  It's mainly just folding tabs and box cuts.  

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Chell is actually a dangerous mute lunatic.

    Just sayin'



    Reply 3 years ago

    if you have played portal and or portal 2 then you are too