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Introduction: Porter Roasted Almonds


I have been thinking about making this instructable for a while.
It combines two things I really like
Porter and Nuts

I like eating nuts and drinking porters.

I hope you like it as much as I do.

The ingridients follow in the next steps

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Step 1: Ingridients

1 kg Almonds
2 dl Porter
½dl Soy sauce
Coarse salt

I use a danish porter called
Which is a really dark almost black porter with a pinch of licorice and smoked malt

The roasted almonds are best if the porter has a vigorous

Step 2: Roast the Almonds

This is a optional step where the almonds is roasted.

I normally put the almonds in the oven when the pan is preheating.

I set the oven on approx 150 degrees celcius or 300 degrees fahrenheit and hot air.

The rest of the process uses this setup.

The roasting of the almonds give you more crispy almonds

Remember to stir often

Be aware that the almonds can be burned and therefore you must taste the almonds at intervals to check if they are as you like them

Step 3: Add the Porter to the Pan

When the pan is preheated the porter and the soy can be added.

Be aware that the porter can start to bubble in the start.

After the porter has been added the soy is added

The rest of the porter can be pured into a glass and enjoyed while working

Step 4: Stir Pan and Plate

When the porter is boiling it is important to remember to stir often.
The porter must be boiled down to approx a 1/4. 
This is normally when the buttom of the pan is easier to see and the mix is thicker 

Also remember to stir the almonds in the oven

Remember to enjoy the rest of the porter.

Step 5: Take Out the Roasted Almonds

When the almonds has been roasted to you liking take them out of the oven and pour into a bowl.

Step 6: Mix the Porter and the Almonds

When the porter has reached the right state and the almonds has been roasted.

The two items is mixed in the pan.

It is important to stir very well to ensure that all the almonds has been covered.
The buttom of the pan must be dry when the mixing is done.

Step 7: Dry the Almonds

When the almonds has been covered. 

The plate for the oven is readied for the almonds.

The almonds are pour onto the plate and the pan is check.

The pan must be almost dry and clean

The salt is added to the almonds and the plate is put into the oven

Remember to stir and check the quality often as the almonds can be burned.

Step 8: All Done

When the almonds has been dried

They are ready to put in a bowl for cooloff.

When they are cooled of they can be put into cans and used later.

I hope you enjoy this instructable

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