Porus Lamp





Introduction: Porus Lamp

Floor lamp is made out of reused Cardboard boxes. The sustainability and properties of the paper cardboard makes the lamp unique and environmental friendly from standard floor lamp. This product introduces a new stage to the life cycle of the packing boxes.


Making of this lamp went to a extend to attain maximum sustainability and minimum energy. The whole lamp consist of three components viz.  Strip cardboard composite box (which is main component), serial light (straight from market) and wooden ply box stand.

Step 2: CUT & LAYOUT

Construction technique of main strip cardboard composite box are

1. Used cardboard are cut to identical strips( i have cut manually). Lots and lots of strip :).

2. Lay these strips to desired pattern

3. and glue them up together.

Repeat 1 to 3 steps 4 time to make 4 faces of the lamp.


4. Fixed the panels to form the shade of the lamp

5. The primary component of the Lamp
     a. Used cardboard strip composite box.
     b. A serial light
     c. Wooden ply box to hold the cardboard strip box, painted to desired color.


The properties of the cardboard leaves a porus surface, which scatters/diffuses the light. And the accent patterns of lights are through the staggered void.


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2 years ago

I will be trying this Instructable soon, can you tell me what kind of lights did you use? Maybe a link to where you brought them? Very nice Instructable, BTW!

inspired By your porus lamp, i did that :

I was wondering what you did to the corners to make them look a bit neater. And what were the dimensions of your strips of cardboard?

1 reply

The dimension of the cut cardboard is 15mmx250mm.Edge was series of strips (continuous) with no staggered void.

i don't get one thing: when the strips are glued together,are they glued on any firm base or something? if they are simply glued,how are they able to stand erect in the next step?

1 reply

They have been glued together to form a panel/surface, (try it out they are quite rigid) in turn these surface are arranged and glue together to form a box (the lamp shade). Yes, this box is not heavy enough to stand in it own, so that where the base black box (made out of ply wood) comes in.

This is a brilliant idea, very neatly done and described. I bought a metal bed recently and got a lots of cardboard....yaaayyy this is definitely my next project.
Thank you so much.
Do you think using a wooden frame will add more durability??

this is something every girl/ boy would loveeeee to have in there room. i just loved your idea. its simple clever. innovative yet elegant. an awesome ~ible.

So pretty!! This is just the project I have been looking for to light up my reading corner!! I am so excited to get started on it. I will post pictures when I am finished!!

This is a neat concept, and not just cardboard can be used for the porus surface !

What kind of serial light did you use? Did you hand make the base or did you purchase the base at a store as well?

Can you elaborate a little more on how you affix the light to the inside of the lamp please?

1 reply

static embrace, i have stuck/taped the light in spiral manner from down to top, this is to make sure the light are close to the inner surface of the lamp shade

Your lamp is clever, handsome, and creative. I love the lights and shadows it casts on the walls. Good job!

Love this idea! If I were to build one though, I'd probably use a light source that doesn't produce multiple defined points of light, and I'd cover the inside of the lamp with a layer of wax paper to soften it a little.

The lights you are using look like a string of christmas type lights, is this true.
Maybe low heat LED bulbs?
I think I will try this with a string of multi colored lights.

This is a great idea!!