Poseable Photo Paper Doll




Introduction: Poseable Photo Paper Doll

Make poseable photo paper dolls.

With just a few inexpensive materials you can quickly and easily create personalized poseable photo paper dolls of your family, friends, your pet, celebrities – anyone your heart desires.

These poseable photo paper dolls can be posed many different and funky ways.

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Step 1: Materials

  • scissors
  • photos
  • 2-prong brads
    • small brads from the craft store, NOT the larger ones from office supply stores
    • got a package of 5.7 mm & 8 mm brads from A.C. Moore for around $4
    • photos show the three sizes: office supply, 8 mm, and 5.7 mm
    • I used the smallest brads, 5.7 mm, for this project

Step 2: Print or Get Photos

  • I printed mine at home on regular 8.5 x 11 glossy photo paper
  • you could use photos you already have on hand or have a copy center enlarge smaller photos

Step 3: Cut Out Photos Around Edges

Step 4: Dismember Dolls Along Joints

Step 5: Curve Points of Joints With Scissors

If you don’t curve the points at the joints, they’ll stick out

Step 6: Pin Together at Joints With Brads

    • push through one layer at a time
    • push prongs away from each other and flat to fasten them
    • reposition as necessary until it looks right

    Step 7: Play With Your Dolls

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      4 Discussions


      1 year ago

      Nice! And you can just draw, paint and cut the body pieces and use only the heads from photos, since full body photos in the right position may be hard to produce or find!

      Scott Arthur Ellner
      Scott Arthur Ellner

      2 years ago

      I did not see this in time to vote for it, but in my heart I voted twice. What a great idea!


      2 years ago

      Believe It or not I couldn't sleep tonight and got the same idea! Well done and it looks great.

      Penolopy Bulnick
      Penolopy Bulnick

      2 years ago

      These are great! I bet kids would love to have poseable dolls of themselves and their friends :)