Poseable Photo Paper Doll





Introduction: Poseable Photo Paper Doll

Make poseable photo paper dolls.

With just a few inexpensive materials you can quickly and easily create personalized poseable photo paper dolls of your family, friends, your pet, celebrities – anyone your heart desires.

These poseable photo paper dolls can be posed many different and funky ways.

Step 1: Materials

  • scissors
  • photos
  • 2-prong brads
    • small brads from the craft store, NOT the larger ones from office supply stores
    • got a package of 5.7 mm & 8 mm brads from A.C. Moore for around $4
    • photos show the three sizes: office supply, 8 mm, and 5.7 mm
    • I used the smallest brads, 5.7 mm, for this project

Step 2: Print or Get Photos

  • I printed mine at home on regular 8.5 x 11 glossy photo paper
  • you could use photos you already have on hand or have a copy center enlarge smaller photos

Step 3: Cut Out Photos Around Edges

Step 4: Dismember Dolls Along Joints

Step 5: Curve Points of Joints With Scissors

If you don’t curve the points at the joints, they’ll stick out

Step 6: Pin Together at Joints With Brads

    • push through one layer at a time
    • push prongs away from each other and flat to fasten them
    • reposition as necessary until it looks right

    Step 7: Play With Your Dolls



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      3 Discussions

      I did not see this in time to vote for it, but in my heart I voted twice. What a great idea!

      Believe It or not I couldn't sleep tonight and got the same idea! Well done and it looks great.

      These are great! I bet kids would love to have poseable dolls of themselves and their friends :)