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Have you always wanted your very own poseable furry worm monster?  Stupid question, of course you have!  I certainly did, so I decided to make one and show you how to make your own!

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Step 1: Materials/Tools

To start off, heres a list of a few items you'll need to get this project under way:
•  Fabric
•  Sewing Needle
•  Thread
•  Pins
•  Teddy Bear Eyes
•  Aluminium/Aluminum Wire
•  Stuffing (I used the stuffing from a pillow)
•  PVA White Glue
•  Scissors
•  Pliers

Step 2: Getting Started

First things first, you've got to choose the fabric you want to use for your worm.  I like using furry/hairy material for plush creatures, as it covers the seams where you sew two parts together, giving it a more realistic appearance.  I went with the black and yellow stripes.  Unfortunately, I did'nt pay attention to which way the fur flowed, so the stripes did'nt go the way I originaly wanted, but I still reckon it looks pretty good!

Once you've sorted that, it's time to decide how long you want your new furry friend.  I decided I wanted mine about 18 inches long.  Cut out a rectangle of material, in my case 18" x 6 ", making sure the flow of the fur moves down the length of the strip, rather than accross.

Step 3: Pin and Sew

Once you have your fabric the right size, you'll need to pin it up ready for sewing.  To do this, bring the long edges together, inside out, so its formed a tube with the furry side on the inside.  Then put pins through this joining, making sure to tuck the fur inside the tube.

Now you have two choices:
•  Sew by hand
•  Use a sewing machine

I usualy sew by hand, it may take longer, but I find it easier to do fiddly bits, and it's more relaxing.

So, sew up the long side.  After this, make a small hole for where you want the eye to go, and attatch the eye, through the top of the tube, so the actual eye is now on the inside of your tube.  Once the eye is on, you can sew up the head end of the tube, and turn it the right way out though the bottom hole.

Step 4: Adding the Wire

In order to make it poseable, I used 2mm diameter Aluminium/Aluminum Wire.  The great thing about this wire is that it bends very easily, but also holds its shape well.  You should be able to find it at most craft shops.

So, cut a length of wire just a little shorter than your worm, and curl the ends over with your pliers.  Once the ends are curled, dip them in PVA white glue, and fold a small piece of scrap material over the ends, sewing them in place.  This is to make sure there are no pointy ends inside the body.

Step 5: Stuffing and Finishing

Now, place a bit of stuffing into the head end, pushing it down with an old paint brush (or pencil, or stick, or anything long enough to reach the end of your worm).  Next, Insert the wire inside, pushing it a little into the stuffing, and pack the rest of the stuffing in around the wire.
Once it's fully stuffed, sew up the bottom, and your done!

Now you have a new bendy monster, see where you can find for him to hang out!

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    13 Discussions


    8 years ago on Step 5

    yay, its great, mabie i will make one, but i dont know where can i find an eye for him :(

    1 reply
    Abby TrainerBOOJAN

    Reply 4 years ago on Step 5

    Maybe you could use animal eyes. You can get those hobby lobby. It wouldn't look the same but it would still look cool :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    You can vote after Feb 27, I think from here, or from the Monster Contest page.


    8 years ago on Introduction

    this is really cool! I just finished making one. I made mine 25.5 inches long. the hair/fur is brown. and I used a red eye that I pulled off a stuffed snake. The material was really hard to work with and when I was sewing the length of the tube it kept falling apart! As for the wire, I used the ground of some electric wire. I really packed it with cotton, so it stays very stiff. Did you use alot of cotton? the wire stays in it's shape but its some what hard to bend. Is this how yours was? Is hard to tell from the pictures.

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    I didn't have the problem with the material you did, I'm geussing it couldn't have been very good material if it kept falling apart. As for the wire, I used aluminium/aluminum wire, which as I said in step four, bends very easily but also holds its shape. I didn't pack it tight with stuffing, so it's still soft, sorry, I didn't make that clear.
    I hope you had fun making it, even though it didn't seem to go too smoothly!

    Kinda a followup question.

    How much fabric is needed? And how long is the monster? My friend wants to make me this but she needs to know the dimensions... And yours seems to be about the right size for my dormroom :)

    1 reply

    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    The fabric I used was a rectangle measuring 18" x 6". This will make a worm just under 18" long. I put the measurement at 28"x6" in step two by accident, which I will fix staight away.

    That's a really cute monster ^^ I gotta tell a friend of mine about this! Great work good sir!


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks! I actually took that eye off an old toy I've had for years. I don't know where you could purchase one, unless you found a cheap toy with good eyes to hack at.