Posing Techniques for the Head


Introduction: Posing Techniques for the Head

The head has many components, hair, face, ears, mouth, and neck. Most models worry about the positioning required for the perfect shot. Whether you are a new or seasoned model, this is probably one of the most significant aspects in the career.
There are several different poses that will make or break the photo. I’ll go over some tips and techniques that will help you build confidence in your future modeling careers. Also, if you want some more advice, tips, and techniques, you should check out bubblegum casting

1) Hair

While there is a lot of different styles, and for the most part, sets will have a stylist on hand to deal with that issue, sometimes there are photo shoots that don’t. Should this happen, think of these simple tips and tricks and you should be good to go no matter the situation. If you have long hair, the key factor to remember is that the more hair on the shoulders, the more ‘volume’ you add to the face. If you are wanting to leave your hair down, try pulling a part of the hair over one shoulder. The best thing and honestly the most diverse thing you can do with your hair, is to put it up.

2) Facial expression

This is critical, and I’ll go back to the adage that the mirror is going to be your best friend! Practice your looks, try sultry, excited, and rebellious, and any emotion possible… You will find that there are literally millions of tiny adjustments that can be made to fit the mood of any photo shoot. Keep it fun and playful and you can never go wrong!

3) The Ears

I have heard several expressions when it comes to the ears. Probably the most familiar is to ‘Pull the ears forward’. This by no means is saying that you need to literally move your ears. What they are saying is that you should angle your head in a way that the ears appear to move forward. This technique is especially helpful when you want to lengthen your neckline and reduce the appearance of nostrils.

4) The Eyes

The eyes are so full of wonder, it is the one aspect of the face that can tell a person everything they need to know without saying a word. Thus the reason that it’s important to use them to the best of your abilities. Eyes should have expression, they should be full of life. Arching your eyebrows I mischievousness. Again, use a mirror to practice your expressions.

5) The nose

It’s important to point out that the photographer has a tough job trying to angle a photo and catch the right side. The saying amongst the, is don’t break the face. Basically this means that when taking a side profile, or angled photo, the nose must not break the line of the cheek. A good model can assist in this by practicing such poses in the mirror. Learn how to ‘turtle’ your neck so the nose is in a proper position. This means, lengthen your neck, and lean your head forward slightly.



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    Nice tutorial, but I wish you have had uploaded photos for each of the mentioned parts along with additional explanations. Photos make it easier and faster to understand.


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