Post-Apocalyptic Shredder

Who needs a pansy baseball bat with barbed wire wrapped around it when you can have the Post-Apocalyptic Shredder.

With this in your hands, you can feel confident in your ability to shred Zombies standing in your way.

This weapon is actually called a Macuahuitl (ma-kwa-weedle) and was used by Aztec warriors. One account by Spanish Conquistadors was of charging their horses into the ranks of the enemy Aztec warriors who slashed at a horse, and cut it's head off at the neck, and it fell dead.

This is how I converted a costume prop into a Shredder of The Post-Apocalyptic Walking Dead.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Build or buy your wooden costume prop,

Single-edge razor blades or metal strips

Glue or Apoxy


Step 2: Transform It Into THE SHREDDER

Use a Dremel to make a slot along each blade edge big enough to accommodate the single-edge razor blades or metal strips. Make sure that you don't make the slot too big or the razor blades won't stay in very well. It is best if the razor blades or metal strips are press fit into the slot.

Insert the razor blades or metal strips into the slot and glue or epoxy them in place.

Now you're ready to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. You can feel confident in your ability to slice and dice the Walking Dead.



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    2 years ago

    Nice upgrades!

    The zombies better mind their manners! :)