Poster Frame

Introduction: Poster Frame

This is an insturctable for a simple poster frame which costs about 10euros to make and looks well on any wall.

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Step 1: You Will Need:

  5cm wide 1cm thick...  i used whitewood but whatever wood suits your preference
8 cm wide 1 cm thick pine (for the triangle corners)

Jigsaw (optional)
Measuring Tape
Staple Gun

Pin nails
Wood glue
Wood stain

Step 2: Measure Your Poster

Using a measuring tape measure the width and hight of your poster. Mark these measurements in on your wood

Step 3: Cut Your Wood

Using a mitre and a saw cut your wood at a 45degree angle

Step 4: Your Wood Should Look Like This

Once cut make sure to sand down all of the edges gently with some fine sandpaper.

Step 5: Cutting the Triangles

Using a measuring tape measure out how big your triangles will need to be for the corners of the frame.
For this step i first cut out a cardboard triangle and used it as a template to draw the triangles onto the wood before cutting them out with a jigsaw.
Once cut make sure to sand down all of the edges gently with some fine sandpaper.

Step 6: Assembly Pt.1

Now arrange your pieces the way that you want.
For this step make sure that the good side is face down.

Note: For the next three steps only do 1 corner at a time.

Now apply some wood glue to the back of the Triangles and to each of the corners. Put the Triangles underneeth the frame (So that they are facing the food side.

Step 7: Assembly Pt.2

Using a craftsman right angle tool make sure the corner is at a right angle.

Step 8: Assembly Pt.3

Making sure that you are satisfied at your corner put a number of pin nails in it to secure it properly.

Step 9: Completion

Now the main frame is complete. You may need to leave it overnight to allow the wood glue to dry.
After this you can use sandpaper or if you have one, a mouse to sand down any uneven corners or mistakes.

Step 10: The Finish

To give the frame a darker tone i first applied some wood stain. The one i used was bondex wood stain in Oregon Pine.
After leaving this to dry overnight i then applied two coats of clear varnish to give seal the wood and give it a nice finish.
Dont forget to do this on an appropriate surface so as not to damage nice furniture

Step 11: Attaching the Poster

Lay your frame upside down on a flat surface.
Cut out a Piece of cardboard the size of the frame
Using a Gluestick (or any other adhesive) stick your poster to the cardboard.
Now place the cardboard on the back of the frame and using a staple gun staple it to the frame.
Your poster frame is now complete! Its up to you where you want to hang it!

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