Posterized Portraits




Introduction: Posterized Portraits

Create striking portraits.

Step 1: Materials

Digital camera, Gimp software (or Photo Shop), large white background sheet, sheet of paper or card 24" x 36", smart board or opaque projector, masking tape, various art materials.

Step 2: Take Photograph of Subject

Set up the background board at 90 degrees to a natural light source (window). I turn all but one bank of classroom lights out.
Take a digital photograph of the subject making sure the face is strongly lit on left or right side of face.
Download image to a convenient location on your computer. I like to make a folder for each class.

Step 3: Edit the Image.

Open up the Gimp software.  Select your photo and open it.

Step 4: Adjust Your Image

Using the COLOR drop down menu, select brightness and contrast. Use the sliders to increase contrast.

Step 5: Convert Image to Black and White

Using the COLOR drop down menu, select Desaturate and pick the option that produces the most contrast.

Step 6: Posterize

Using the COLOR drop down menu, select Posterize adjust the levels to 2 and apply.

Step 7: Getting Ready to Draw

If using a Smart Board prepare the image by sizing it on the screen. This can be done a number of ways for instance, using Windows Picture and Fax Viewer and using the Zoom tool or by pasting into MS Word and dragging to the appropriate size.

Display this image on your Smart Board.

Don't have a Smart Board! Print a hard copy and use an Opaque Projector or an Overhead Projector.

Step 8: Getting Ready to Draw.

Tape your paper to the board using masking tape.  Do any final sizing of your artwork.

TOP TIP   Take each piece of tape and apply to your clothing to pick up some "FUZZ" this reduces the tack and prevents ripping of your artwork.

Step 9: Tracing.

Trace your image with a pencil, be accurate around  facial features. When traced remove from board and make lines permanent using a Sharpie.

Step 10: Completing the Portrait

Now the for the fun.  Paint the shadowed area of the picture with black tempera paint. Now get creative!  Try song lyrics in the light side of the face or scribble or paint splats or collage etc, etc, etc, etc,
The image above will be a "Crayon Melt" piece.

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2 years ago

In the above wall display portraits, did you get the students to paint the background first and then trace the portrait on and paint black or did you do the portrait onto white paper first and paint around it? Thanks :)