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Hi Everybody!

Talk about nostalgia! My husband and I went to a craft store and boy did the memories come flooding back! I remember when I was a little girl in the early 70's living in Bronx, NY and every Saturday my mom sent her four daughters to the GFS. (Girl's Friendly Society). That would be called in today's society the Boy's and Girl's Club. Well while browsing through the many aisles of the craft store, I came across the Weaving Loop Kit to make pot holders. My sister's and I made so many different potholders. My mom had potholder's for days. We made so many that we gave some to our aunt's and neighbors. Went I saw this kit and bag of loops I decided to make a pot holder and each bag made about 20 potholders. So what was I going to do with all these potholders? I decided to sew them together and make a quilt. The quilt totalled 100 potholders which was about 5 bags and the end result was a nice warm and friendly pot holder quilt, and by the way the quilt is VERY heavy. It took me about 2 weeks to make the quilt and it was LOTS OF FUN!!!

Step 1:

This is the bag of over a 100 assorted, colorful loops.

Step 2: Weaving Loop

This is the weaving loop!

Step 3: Loops on the Weaving Loop

You put the loops individually on each rim of the weaving loop rim. You go straight down on the weaving loop - one loop at a time.

Step 4: Weaving Loop

Now this is the 2nd step. You take each loop and go over and under in the opposite direction. You keep going over and under over and under until each rim on the weaving loop is completed.

Step 5: Individual Pot Holder

Now this is what the pot holder looks like after you take it off of the weaving loop. Now I would start the process over again until I had 100 pot holders. I then sewed all the potholders together and the end result was a beautiful quilt.

Step 6: Quilt

This is the final product a quilt made out of love with 100 potholders. I love lying underneath the warm quilt when it is cold outside. It is very cozy!! I felt like a little girl again and I had loads of fun making it.



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    4 years ago

    I think these would make good rugs, too


    4 years ago

    maybe I shouldn't add to this ible, but it helps greatly to have a crochet hook, or even a piece of wire with a loop on the end to help with the weaving. otherwise, you will lose your mind with the loops popping off all of. the time. if this is your first time doing this, it's best to get a kit. they are cheap and can be found at most Walmarts and craft stores.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi, this looks great. But I have no idea what you are talking about since I'm not into this type of thing. What is that in the bag? Is it like pieces of yarn that are made into loops? And then how do you weave them on to the loom? And how do you sew the potholders together? I'm at a complete loss.... And is that a piece of cloth on the bottom of the quilt? Btw, 2 weeks in noooothing, I would probably take 2 years!


    Maybe you could make another Instructable explaining more?

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    Reply 4 years ago on Introduction

    Hi Fatimamusa,

    In the bag are the loops which makes the potholders. I told you how to weave them onto the loom. First you place each loop on the loom from one end to the other. Next you go across the loom like I said starting at each rim taking the loop at the beginning of each rim and go over and under each loop until you reach the other end. You continue the same process until all the rims are filled with loops. To secure that the loops don't unravel, you have to take four or five loops and linked them together, and then beginning at one of the corners, you take the linked loops and weaved them in and out of each loop making sure you go around the entire loom. Then you take the potholder off the loom and it is secure because of the links. After I completed each potholder, I sewed the pot holders by hand 10 across in a row and 12 down in a column. I brought an inexpensive blanket from the craft store and after I had sewed all of the potholders into the size of the blanket, I then sewed the potholders onto the blanket. And we-lah a warm comfortable quilt. I hope this clarify's and explains all. I will be making a video on you tube demonstrating how it works. It really isn't complicated. GOOD LUCK!

    Oh my gosh, I totally remember making these when I was a kid, but never knew what to do with all those pot holders! This is a great idea! It's so fun and colorful!

    Wow! I remember making the potholders too! Such a creative use of them and I love when products are loved when they are done.


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Oh my, I started one of those and never finished it...I love how yours looks! You should swap the cover photo of your instructable with the finished quilt so more people are as impressed as I! :)