Pot Flower With Lamp Bulb




Introduction: Pot Flower With Lamp Bulb

A simple and beautiful pot created with a lamp burning.

Step 1: Materials

1 - Copper Wire
2 - lamp burning
3 - screwdriver
4 - cutting pliers

Step 2: Making Way

With the pliers, cut and remove the metal paddle that is at the top of the lamp.
(image 1)

With the screwdriver, remove the hard resin at the top of the lamp.
(image 2)

Using the screwdriver and pliers to break the inside of the lamp.
(image 3)

Remove all internal waste
(image 4)

Step 3: The Support

With copper wire, make a lateral support for the Bulb

Step 4: Terminating

Fill the bulb of fertile soil and place the flower

Step 5: Enjoy

Choose a sunny place to put your new flower pot.





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    4 Discussions

    how long did your plant lived in there? i guess that since it's not a big container it should be replaced eventually, but i was wondering about the aeration of the soil.. i'm making one myself right now :) great idea btw.

    I'm wondering if you possibly mean burnt out light bulb?

    Ótima idéia meu caro! Parabéns!! Estou cultivando em garrafas PET de coca-cola; monto elas invertidas. Vou testar sua idéia....