Pot O' Gold - Ride-able Electric Parade Float

Introduction: Pot O' Gold - Ride-able Electric Parade Float

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Last night, the gang all pulled together and got a prototype Pot o' Gold electric parade float up and running! TomG, as usual, had all the scrap pieces we needed to put together a sweet little ride...

The green steel used in the frame apparently used to support a conveyer belt system in a factory someplace. TomG has bunches of it. The wheels and motors came from an old electric wheelchair that was scrapped. The batteries are old motorcycle batteries and the R/C motor controller was from an old battlebot.

We plan to replace the R/C controller with some sort of button or joystick-driven motor. R/C was simply all that we had ready to go that evening.

The hope is to create a series of small vehicles like this, bolt some themed fiber-glass shells on top of the frame, and enter the vehicles in parades to showcase the awesome pool of talent we have in the Milwaukee MakerSpace and hopefully attract some more members. Our initial target is the Milwaukee St. Patrick's Day Parade on March 13th, 2010. We're hopeful the organizers will enjoy the pots of gold driven by leprechauns who hand out gold-foil wrapped chocolates to spectators.

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