Potato Cannon Test of My Biggest Cannon Shooting 800g Ammo

Introduction: Potato Cannon Test of My Biggest Cannon Shooting 800g Ammo

This is me and a buddy out testing my biggest potato cannon.

canned fishballs fits perfectly into the barrel so thats what we are using as ammo ..
with insane results! Its a monster of a potato cannon :)

more videos and info on : www.themonkeybase.com




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    Link to original video here:

    I will probably do this project, and use my Three Stooges lighter for the heat source, now that I don't smoke any more. Plus, it seems oddly appropriate for this use.

    Thanks for the instructable!

    If its metal you could use propane, you would have more than twice as much power, just need a stand.

    I always said that with a large enough potato gun you could rule the world ... well I bow down before your superior potato delivery system!

    whoh! Big recoil! you're lucky that you're not a kid, 'cause you would have flown back pretty well far and into a tree! 

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    you BROKE a TREE, with HAIRSPRAY and PIPES.

    Awesome cannon btw

    Lol next make one that shoots Cinder Block's
    lol no just kidding it's already devastating, more and you can blow someones *insert random body part* off together with the rest of the body :D

    wow this is the best Potato Cannon i have seen ! AWESOME !!!!