Potato Gun





Introduction: Potato Gun

This is a real easy thing to make, and also so cool, my friends and I made this as a school project taking about 1 week.

Step 1: What You Need

This is a bout a $40 Project easy to make
You will need:
-1 1/2' long 3" diameter abs pipe
-3' long 2" diameter abs pipe
-3" to 2" diameter reducer abs pipe
-3" diameter abs cap
-3" diameter abs cap screw
-a gas grill igniter from Home Depot
-a nail or 3" diameter drain with large holes
-abs glue ONLY ABS NOT PVC(it is called black abs)
-3' wooden dowel (used to push potato down)

Step 2: Let's Start

First lets take the 3" diameter drain, and the abs glue and put it in the 3" diameter side of the reducer and stick the drain in and put more glue around it.

Now put glue on the rest of the 3" diameter side of the reducer and we can take your 1 1/2' long 3" diameter abs pipe and stick it in the 3" diameter side of the reducer with the glue until it doesn't go anymore in.

Now put glue on 2" diameter side of the reducer, and stick your 3' long 2" diameter abs pipe and stick it in that until it doesn't go in anymore.

Now finally take the 3" diameter abs cap and put the glue in on the inside of the cap until the part you screw in the cap screw in, and put this around the end of the 3" diameter abs pipe.


Step 3: Finalization

Now with your grill igniter, or the "sparker", and there should be two long wires that have metal pieces on the end that create a spark when you hook them up to the spark button. When this sparks consistently. You will drill two holes as big as you need to get the two metal pieces in, and get them in and try sparking (you may have to bend the larger piece of metal up). When you see them spark, you are good and just tape them down or use the abs glue to make them stay.

This is what will create the EXPLOSION!

Also you may want to grind down the end of the 3' 2" diameter abs pipe, until sharp, just to cut down potato.

Step 4: Shooting

Alright, now that everything is set and ready, you get to do the fun stuff... SHOOTING
But first, let's make sure every thing is good, as I was told, "You can never be too safe!" And I learned this the hard way when my friends screw cap came off and just missed me hitting my shirt ripping through it, and burning me, so you should shoot this from the ground like a mortar, or from the hip where nothing can hurt you. Alright, now let's go!

Now we put the potato in the 3' 2" diameter abs pipe, and smash against ground to cut potato until inside, and get down in pipe until it goes down all the way. It should be real tight.
Now let's unscrew the the cap screw, and spray about three shortish bursts in, and screw it back on.
Now hold... Prepare... ANd... Click the igniter button.... BOOM!!!
If it shoots, congrats, if not just keep pressing igniter button about 4-5 times, and regroup and spray some hairspray in and try again.
Congrats, you just made a potato gun :)
Have fun

Step 5: Q's

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer them. :D



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    I like to use ether engine starter that I buy at he auto part store. For a sparker I use a Coleman lamp spark igniter. It generates a spark wire a flint and a little wheel. The spark it big and long and helps to ignite even when the fuel mixture is not ideal.

    my buddy made one like this. he uses brake kleen. works great

    Great Instructable. I love those firing pictures! Just one thing, DO NOT use ABS pipe, it is flammable at low temperatures and every time it will burn a little and weaken the pipe. PVC is flame retardant, go with that.

    1 reply

    And when you use PVC you can tell your friends it stands for

    Pretty Vicious Cannon....

    Photo on 6-24-14 at 10.07 AM.jpg

    About $50

    One of the best propellants you can use is propane or anything with propane in it. As long as it isn't hairspray then you will be fine. That's what I have found out at.



    4 years ago

    also the best fuel I've found for these is b-12 chemtool in the spray can. it burns clean without leaving sticky residue

    Oh, really?? Thanks, but it was more of a one time thing anyways :)