Potato Pancakes. Ukrainian Dish.




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easy way to cook a dish

Step 1: Preparation.

Hello. In this video I want to show how to cook Ukrainian classic dish. The dish is called Potato pancakes (Deruny).

Step 2: Ingredients

For cooking, we will use:

Potatoes, Salt, Egg, The flour, Bow, Garlic, Black pepper powder,Salt.

Step 3: ​Preparation of Potatoes.

Initially, you need to grind potatoes in the combine. Then rub onions. And mix everything with your hands.

Step 4: Adding Seasonings.

In prepared, the mixture is added:

1 egg, salt, a spoonful of flour, garlic, pepper (to taste).

Step 5: Fry the Mixture With Potatoes.

Prepared potatoes, you need to put in a frying pan.

Approximately every fifteen minutes turn over.

Step 6: Bon Appetit

After when on both sides the pancake will be roasted it is removed from the pan.

While the trouters are still warm, pour sour cream.



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    2 Discussions


    Thanks. I love potato breakfast foods. I will try using the electric food-processor like in the video.


    1 year ago

    Now you made me hungry. Add caramelized onions and sour cream, and my hubby is in Ukie heaven. Just today, I was looking for fresh pork hocks to make kholodets'.