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In this tutorial i will show you how i made my potion holders for a fantasy based coustume

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Step 1: Tools and Parts


- Hammer

- Nail-punch i believe its called

- Exacto knife


- 2 packs of leather strips, mine had width 2cm thickness 2mm and 1 meter in length

- Pack of rivets, and rivet tools.

- Snap Fastener button kit

- Potion shaped bottles

The rivets and buttons had an antique finish

Step 2: Measuring

I measured first from front to back

Then around the belt i was going to use

I then riveted the belt loop together, leaving some extra leather where i was going to make the buttons

Step 3: Cutting and Finishing Up

I cut in the centre of the leather strip that was going over the top of the bottle so that it fit nice and snug.

I then took a piece of leather, measured around the bottle and cut the strip along the middle making a smaller strip that was going around

I riveted the small strip both in the back and front, its important to do this BEFORE the last button thats going to keep this all together or else i wont be tight enough.

I then attached the button and cut of any excess material.

ALL DONE! :D I'm pretty happy how it turned out, imaking a witcher inspired costume so i want it to look a little rough, also i didn't have much time

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    1 year ago

    I love these. :) We used a dremmel on ours to age and wear them a little bit.