Potion Bottle

Introduction: Potion Bottle

Greetings, dear witches and wizards!

Today I want to show you, how to create a spooky looking potion-bottle.

The finished bottle is safe for all kinds of potions, no matter if for consumption or to fend off enemies.

Step 1: Ingredients

So for your magic potion-bottle you will need:

A bottle... Choose an interesting shape.

A cap for your bottle... You will want to close it, or your potion might spill!

Paint... I used black spar varnish, since it is food- and water-proof.


Sand paper

And some items if you want to change your bottle-cap.

I used an old Ping-Pong ball, that my cat used as her chewing-toy... :(

and some yarn.

Step 2: The Cap

I started with the cap of my bottle.

For that I cut the Ping-Pong-ball in half and used the sand-paper to smoothen the edges.

(The holes in the ball are not on purpose... That was my cat...)

Step 3: Glue

I glued the half-ball to the bottle-cap.

Step 4: Yarn

Then I covered the structure with glue and starting at the bottom, I wound the yarn around it in spirals, until I reached the top. Then I cut off the yarn and used some glue to fix the loose end to the bottle-cap.

Step 5: The Bottle

Now let's start with the main-character of this instructable: The bottle.

Clean it, dry it, and sand it.

I know it's not easy to sand a glass-bottle, but with the help of a piece of wood, or some other hard object you can do it.

Sand in different directions, and all around the surface of your bottle.

Step 6: Dirt

Now it's time for some paint to make the bottle look old, dusty and dirty.

You can use any colour you like. I think brown, green or black will look best though.

Put some paint on your bottle and rub it in with some paper-towel. Do so, until your whole bottle is covered.

Wait until the paint is dried.

If it's too dark for your liking, use sand-paper to sand the paint off a bit, until you are happy with the outcome.

Step 7: Finish and Enjoy

Put on your bottle-cap and apply some paint on it too, so it fits your bottle-look.

Now you are done and can fill your bottle with your potions!

Have fun!

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