Potion Bottles

Introduction: Potion Bottles

Simple, lovable, adorable Potion Bottles for all your health, mana, poison needs.

It all started with the Love Potion Number 9, with that bubblegum pink yarn and just grew from there.
After that I tried to make a Mana Energy shot copy (the blue), which I find insanely adorable with the creepy smile. The Green one is by far my favorite due to how simple it is and how nicely it fits in a hand.

Each one is worked off the same crochet ball pattern, but altered slightly for different sizes and shapes

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    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    I made them as as I went along. The blue bottle is mostly a ball but instead of closing the top of it I kept crocheting upwards in a tube. The green is just like the blue bottle but a slower decrease near the top with a big fat bottom (I wanted it large enough to hold in a hand comfortably.) Started with a magic circle of 6 and increased evenly from there until it was fat enough and started decreasing for a slope. The pink was the hardest, given it has more a flat shape, mostly I made an oval by chaining ( I think 5) and going around instead of turning or making it a circle and slowly increased from there. The corks are mostly mini balls.