Potted Painting




Introduction: Potted Painting

This is an easy project. Easy to do, easy to clean up and easy to please!

Step 1: Potted Painting

As a former K-3 teacher and now a grandmother called Mimi, I know that little hands need to be busy. I was painting a clay flower pot and my 6 year old told me he wanted to paint also.

I was more than happy to share my materials and let him go at it.

He first had to paint a base paint. My base paint was Kilz.

Waiting for it to dry was the hardest part for him.

Once dried he had to decide what to paint. He chose to paint something patriotic. I had purchased the sample jars of paint at Home Depot so he had a lot to choose from.

I had a stencil of a star for him to trace, but he let me know he could do it faster without the stencil. He drew all the stars. Then painted blue around them. By then I just stood back and let him do his thing.

I was quite impressed with his finished product.

This is why I think this would be a great project for anyone working with children this summer.

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