Pow! Prank

Introduction: Pow! Prank

POP! That is what happens when you open the door.

Step 1: Stuff You Need: Pin, Popsicle Stick, Tape and Balloon.

Step 2: Build

Tape popsicle stick to pin.(like in picture)

Step 3: Build

tape stick with pin on to top of door .(like in picture)

Step 4: Build

tape to wall.(like in picture)

Step 5: Done!

now wait for some one to walk in the door and POW!!!!!!!



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    10 Discussions

    Thanks, I was just wondering can you tell me about contests.

    Well, you enter some ibles and if they're good enough and get enough votes, you win prizes!

    Do you know when there is a contest for a prank? Is there any prizes?

    I meant to say, what kind of prizes.

    It not sure but you can easily find them under the contests section. I mainly use mobile so I am not sure where it is on desktop, I'm sure it isn't too hard to find though!

    To find the prizes for each competition, (on a laptop) just scroll down past all the entries and you will see the prizes! :)