Powder Blush


Introduction: Powder Blush

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Step 1: Gather What You Need

All you need:

•something sharp
•red or pink colored pencils
•container with a lid

Step 2: Scrape

Scrape the colored pencils into your container

Step 3: Smash!!

Use a heavy object (a rock) to grind the pencil shreds into a powder.

Step 4: Enjoy


~ -fluffybunny-



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    4 Discussions

    Would crayons work? I'm looking for homemade makeup ideas for a friend and she doesn't have any colored pencils.

    Cool again but be careful pencil crayons do contain chemicals, so keep out of reach of children.

    Oohh and if you want to turn it into a cream blush add a very small amount of Vaseline. Send me pics!!!