Powder Coating

Introduction: Powder Coating

General instructions to powder coat, but instructions are meant and written for Woodinville High Schools welding lab.

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Step 1: Prep Metal

Using the sandblaster, remove all the rust/paint/contaminant from the metal. Using gloves carry the project to the powder coating booth, and wrap wire so that you can hang the project from the hooks.

Step 2: Prep Kiln

Make sure kiln is stopped, then press recall and choose program 4. Make sure the light turns on, signaling the kiln is heating up.

Step 3: Set Pressure

Set the regulators pressure to 40 psi to not waste powder.

Step 4: Fill Bottle

Fill the bottle with color of choice by pouring the jar of powder into the smaller bottle using a clean, plastic funnel. There should be between 1 and 2 inches of powder depending on how much you'll be coating. Now attach the bottle to the gun

Step 5: Prep the Booth

Attach the air hose to the gun, then place the ground so that it will connect to the metal (usually on the wire), and finally plug in the cord.

Step 6: Powder Coat

Put on an air mask, and then grab the button in one hand and the gun in the other. Holding down the button, don't release until you're done, pull the trigger, shooting out the powder in short bursts until you get an even coat over the project.

Step 7: Cooking

Carefully take the project off the hooks and place it on the cooking rack. Carry the rack to the kiln, being careful not to bump because it will knock the powder off. Once In (if the temperature is at 450 degrees) place it into the kiln where it will bake. Check the oven every five minutes until there the entire project has an even gloss to it. Now lower the temperature to 400 degrees so that it can finish baking which will take 20 minutes, and while waiting you can clean.

Step 8: Cleaning

Clean the booth by plugging the vacuum in and then getting as much powder out as you can. Once you've vacuumed all you can, detach the air hose from the gun and then turn the pressure up to 100 and use the air gun to spray all remaining powder into the ventilation. Remove the bottle from the powder coating gun

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