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Introduction: Power Bank Under $10 ! | DIY | 3D Printed

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Today’s smartphone industry is producing way too powerful phone then we expected in 90’s, but there is only one thing which they lack i.e. battery, they are worst. And the only solution we have now is a power bank. In this video, I will show you how you can make one by yourself in just under $10.

So let’s get started.

Step 1: Watch the Video !

[Play Video]

[Play Video]

If you get bored of reading you can watch my video on Youtube

Step 2: Everything We Need

Here is everything, which we are going to need:-

a. Soldering iron


b. Strippers


c. Powerbank module, I got mine from aliexpress for around $1.50


d. 18650 cells you can savage these from old laptop battery of buy some


Step 3: Soldering !

Once we have gathered all the materials
first check the voltage of each cell if all are same then, start soldering 18650 cells in parallel

After soldering, fix cells together with the help of hot glue gun

After which solder the battery to the module and you should be able to use it

Step 4: Need Case !

We need some kind of case, for that I used my tevo tarantula to 3D print one

Which I designed in fusion 360 You can find all my files below or else you can always use your own creativity to make one

Step 5: Put Everything Together !

Then I added new push button because old one was not convenient for the design of case soldered it into the place.

Then just place everything inside the case seal it up with hot glue and we are done !

Step 6: Thank You

If you like my work

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel for more awesome stuff: https://www.youtube.com/c/Nematics_lab

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    15 Discussions

    Great instructable !!! Well done, i love the 3D Printed case too - really awesome job done there !!

    a very good friend of mine has made a Lipo mAh capacity tester HERE, so NOW we all have the ability of actually testing 18650's ""TRUE"" mAh rating, which is essential in making powerbanks like this, in my humble opinion anyway.

    Reasons why;

    >> Inexpensive Lipo mAh Capacity Tester

    >> Especially if one is scavenging 18650's from dead laptop batteries, as the 18650's are used, instead of just looking at their mAh ratings and thinking their all the same, one can now test them and know for sure.

    As my friend has shown on his instructable, you can write the mAh tested capacity on the batteries you/we scavenge, either as he has, or write with permanent marker then cellotape over the writing so it cant be rubbed off


    Then after testing the scavenged batteries, marry up the similar mAh rated batteries to make sure the powerbank performs at its best capability :)


    Once again - Great instructable, keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing the files keeping these projects Open-Source, major thanks :)

    it's cool that you made it but battery cases with circuits for powerbanks can be bought of aliexpress for US$3 delivered. and 18650 batteries can be recovered from old laptop batteries (usually only one cell is underperforming and the protection circuit kicks and says the battery is screwed, so time to buy a new one). I've constructed half a dozen power packs ranging from 8 cell to 3 cell. takes 2 minutes.

    I came here surprised that you were able to find those batteries for under 10$.

    You brought my hopes up ):

    5 replies

    And Amazon; I wouldn't trust eBay when buying batteries. I found these, which are pretty decent:


    They don't really have 9900 mAh, which an extremely ridiculous number for an 18650 battery, but more like 2000 mAh. Which is still pretty good, adding the price and the amount.

    You will probably find them to be 1650 mAh batteries, when properly tested. 3400 mAh is still the highest capacity commercially available cell that I know of, with 2600 being the capacity where cells begin to become affordable in a useful lot size.

    When the companies claim those numbers, it is often the total for the set. (9900 / 6 = 1650). Just something to keep in mind while shopping.

    My concern is the batteries soldered in parallel. If any one of them charges to a slightly lower voltage, when you stop charging with external power, it will draw down the others. You could end up with currents reaching dangerous levels. Unless I'm missing something.

    3 replies

    If you are really concerned, get an external multi-chemistry/multi-cell hobby charger. Most will let you do a full charge/discharge/charge cycle, and give a convenient readout of actual cell capacity. Then, batch together matched cells, and leave the worrying till the pack begins to show signs of serious issues.

    If they are matched going in, they will likely remained matched for the life of the project.

    Most of the commercial ones are done that way. Currents flowing will equalise as they charge not afterwards.

    I forgot to mentioned that thanks ! :)

    Just a warning for anyone trying to find these batteries. Ordered from 3 different sellers on wish all 18650s were fake. Make sure battery sellers list the weight 18650 batteries should never weigh less than 42 grams

    Yours has a screen but I don't know why that would be needed?

    They are AUD$18 on ebay complete with 5 batteries in them or 4 LiPo's. Includes a solar panel for additional charging functionality. Why would you bother? Your batteries can be had for AUD$1.50 each and yours are AUD$6 . Capacity is better but they lie about capacity religiously. I bought one 12 months ago different again for AUD$12 and it had 8 batteries (18650's) in it. Got it from local Overflow/Reject store. Can't find them any more