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Introduction: Power Brush - Drill Attachment

It all started when I had to clean the shower. 'Surely,' I thought, 'someone else, who hates cleaning tile, has made a brush head for a drill.' Well, no one had. Or, at least, they figured it was so simple no one would need an instructable for it. So I made one without an instructable, and now I'm making an instructable for those who don't want to try it without instruction! So there you go. Super easy, super cheap, super fast. That's my kind of project!

Step 1: Materials

This is all your going to need:

-A large screwdriver

-A 'Soap Dispensing Palm Brush' refill pack

-A 1/4 in. x 1 1/2 in. machine screw and nut. You may need a different diameter screw if your brush is a different brand.

Step 2: Assembly 

Screw the machine screw almost all the way though the hole from the bristle side. Leave a few turns left to screw before threading the nut on. Tighten the nut with your fingers into the countersink around the hole. Then tighten the screw with the screw driver. If your brush doesn't have a countersink, don't worry about leaving a few turns before threading the nut, and just tighten the whole thing down.

Step 3: Use It!

Just put it in your drill like a normal drill bit and start scrubbing! Just, please don't use this on anything fragile or of real value. (Like if you have antique tiles for some reason.)

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2 years ago

Aw man, great idea! Yeah! YMMD!!


2 years ago

I use an old sonic care tooth brush for this purpose. Does a decent job.


Plenty of things like this out there. I think Black and Decker makes a rechargeable version or you can get something almost identical on Amazon. http://amzn.to/1PdJxP2

That is a sweeet idea, gotta admit. Consider a rubber foot made to go over the 1/4 20 golt head to stop possible problems Before they shred a tile! Also fill that cip with silicone rubber (rtv), so it is really nice for the walls.

Could polish horse hooves or my teeth with them!!!!!

I'm confused. Should it turn clockwise or anticlockwise? I could end up inserting dirt instead of removing it.

And you're right. Not so much as needing instructions as never having thought of it.

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It all depends. Are you in the Southern Hemisphere? Just Kidding....

"Should it turn clockwise or anticlockwise? I could end up inserting dirt instead of removing it."

That was the funniest thing I have read in a while. I laughed for about 5 minutes.

It's just like threading bolts -righty tighty, lefty loosey. Except you have to be careful on plumbing, gotta go the opposite way as their threads are reversed

I always used a steel wire toothbrush for grout but OK, this is good, might make one for my siding. Are those stiff bristles? do they sell different stiffnesses? The paint stripper people make some ferociously stiff bristle brushes.

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That can easily destroy tile. Bad idea. Nothing harder than plastic should be used on tile.


2 years ago

I've been looking for a product like this for about 2 months now to help remove rust from a stainless steel grill. It requires a lot of elbow grease. Couldn't find anything available. Thanks, this instructive is just what I need.

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Apply naval jelly (phosphoric acid) in an inconspicuous spot to see if it darkens the metal. "IF" it does not, then apply to the rusted area, let sit, and rinse off.

Next apply some silicone grease. Some might say use wax but you can't do that on a portion of a grill that gets hot while the grease is resistant to high temperature.

Also, next time pick a grill more carefully as it is only the low grade stainless that rusts.

Make a brew of Citric Acid and water, there are recipes on the net for rust removal on metals. Put the brew in a basin and soak for a couple of days, Rinse off with clean water. No elbow grease needed.

Best of.

Excellent old post. I use the waterproof Black and Decker version of his brush. If I may make one simple little recommendation and that is to use a carriage bolt that has a square to index into the plastic brush. If used with a Nyloc nut, you can easily use the brush in both a clockwise and counter-clockwise direction without loosening the screw and nut. Thanks.

Back in the days of shoe polishing machines, there is an attachment very much like what is shown in this instructable. Just glad this is now shared for a new generation of people who don't recall shoe polishing dremel/drill attachment tools. Both brushes and buffing wheels exist. Now if you have not done this instrucable, a simple brush like above from the $1 store with a screw and nut is less that $2 to make this handy setup. Many of the newer cordless drills have LED lights to shine the trouble spots to clean as well.

For others making this, I didn't have a bolt/nut big enough on hand so I used a sheet rock molly (wall anchor?). Just hold the back end with pliers and turn the screw till its clamped tight. worked great!

Absolutely brilliant idea!!! I've never seen so many people excited to clean their showers! =D


2 years ago

What a great idea!

I CAN NOT believe this! Today I started re-furbishing an old outside storage cabinet. While using my little "household battery powered scrubber" I thought SURELY there is some way to attach a scrub brush to a drill... Oh my goodness! Glad I found this site during my lunch... Gonna go make one to finish cleaning that cabinet!?