Power Generation Using Speed Breaker by Rack and Pinion Mechanism

here i show other one method of generate electricity . this is homemade so simple model works but if u want to build for works so u have to go with metal or use bigger one wooden plate as per want to attach piston bottom of wooden plates ..but u can modify in bigger one by using big one....

Step 1: Step 1: Buy This Type of Spring .total 16 Numbers

Step 2: Step 2: Buy Dc Generator Motor and Attach Plastic Rack ..i Got From Robotic Spare Parts Shop

Step 3: Step 3 : Understand Rack and Pinion Mechanism

Step 4: Step 4 : Buy It Battery Charging Circuit Make Connection So When Rack-pinion Mechanism Work We Can Store Energy Whenever Use .

Step 5: Step 6 : Make Circuit Connection on Plastic Box . and Finally Done

for watching details so this video :



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    niravpatele63Narasimha Naidu

    Answer 9 months ago

    I am not sure about that but make sure when you use flywheel ,which can be produced electricity ,


    2 years ago

    Can you provide me the circuit diagram and the materials used