Power PSP Using AAA Batteries




I am a recent graduate from the University of Pittsburgh. While i was there i got a Bachelors deg...

I found my old PSP when cleaning my room and decided to see what i could still do with it. My battery was completely shot and therefore i couldn't update it to play any games on it (Fat Princess :) best game ever). I decided to take the battery apart and see what i could do to get it working again.

To my surprise, the chip was pretty easy to understand. The two metal tabs connecting the chip to the battery were obviously the + and - of the battery, and the board even indicated which one was positive and negative. The lithium battery also had 3.6v printed on it making this extremely easy for me to just use 3 AAA batteries instead. Normally a AAA battery is 1.5v so i chose rechargeable batteries which put out 1.2v each.

Using a AAA battery pack i had laying around, i simply soldered in the wires to the chip inside the PSP battery. I made sure to thread the wires through the other half of plastic from the battery case so i could close the battery back up. Then cut a little slit in the edge of the final battery cover to allow the wires through. After it was all together, i powered on. In the settings my PSP showed 82% battery and allowed me to update my device. I then stuck three little velcro dots to the back of my PSP and the battery case so i can carry it again.

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1 year ago

I need help with my battery, the circuit board of my battery is different form yours. The circuit board is very small and all of the labels and solders are small.


2 years ago

and made my own instructable ^^



2 years ago

i plan to do the same but ill put a barell plug so i can switch the pack i want.

ill do a 3 pack

1 with 3 AA nimh

1 with 1 li ion 18650 (i can use the psp charger on it)

and 1 2pack of li ion 18650 in parallel for long trips.

my psp had 3 dead battery and i was so disappointed i could not use it anymore (hate those Chinese knock off battery)


7 years ago on Introduction

Just don't charge them using the internal psp charger... Li-ion charger is not suitable for ni-mh batteries

1 reply

Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

the "built in circuit" is called a charge controller, and yes, again, sure do it. This instructable is called "Power PSP Using AAA batteries" though. Replacing the lithium battery would be "fixing" the battery lol, I chose to break away from something i don't have and use something i do have. I'm sure there are many different ways to get your PSP running, this is just one of them.


i have one better get some 18650 batterys from a dead laptop battery connect them to the psp battery and hey what do you know a longer lasting battery and i have done this