Power Strip Holder

Introduction: Power Strip Holder

This is a cute little box that can hold a power strip

By the way I was forever_infinite_diys

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Step 1: Materials

- a box cutter
- paint
- a shoe box
- cute fabric for designs
- power strip
- paint brush

Step 2: Paint Your Shoe Box

This is really simple, get paint and paint it let it dry for a long time.

Step 3: Cutting the Holes

Cut a hole for the cord, I used a square shape. Make sure that you can put the plug for it in
Cut a little flap on the bottom of the box near the hole were the cord will be for the power strip.

Next make plug holes, for each outlet. I made 6 it will look ok depending how you did on the holes, if the inside looks bad (like mine) just put the lid over it

Step 4: Last Thing

Paint the out side so that you can not see the cardboard area or "mess up" make sure it's 110% dry

Put on the fabric so it isn't just painted

Label your holes if you want to


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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Is it safe to put a power strip in a cardboard box? Would it be a fire hazard?