Under $1 Power Supply for I MAX B6 Charger





Introduction: Under $1 Power Supply for I MAX B6 Charger

Hi everyone. This is my first instructable. And I hope you will like it. I recently brought an I Max B6 charger from Aliexpress. It runs off a 11-18 VDC supply which can be had from a AC-DC adapter. I didn't have one, so I decided to make it myself.

Step 1: Visit Your Junkyard...

I had few unused faulty mobile cellphone chargers lying around. These have an output of around 6 volts DC. Needed some minor repairs and they were all set.

Step 2: Connecting Charger Output in Series...

I just connected the charger output in series so to add up the voltage (around 12 VDC). I removed input legs of one charger and connected it to the input of the other charger in parallel so that both receive 220 VAC. I joined the two chargers with electrical tape to make a single assembly, though there are better ways to keep them together. The output will be obtained through wires (red and black), thanks to alligator clips that come with the IMAX charger.

Step 3: Checking the Output...

Finally, when I plugged it in ... and lo... both chargers are working (pilot lamps, one red other green are on). I tested the output voltage and current which were 12.07 VDC and 0.701 A. I hope this runs my I MAX. Let's see in the next step...

Step 4: The Final Test...

Finally, I simply connected my I MAX B6 charger to the assembly and....... it worked...Great..



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    You should be o.k. with this setup, the only limit you may experience is maximum charge current, not much above .50 amps I suspect. I use an old printer SMPS rescued from the roadside trash bin, 20 volts at about 3 amps. ☺

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    Thankyou. There is no mention of the current used on these Chinese IMAX chargers anywhere on the box or body... Don't you think 3A is too high a current for it.

    The IMAX charger will only draw as much current that is needed for the programmed cell configuration, i.e. I like to charge my old Ni-cad battery packs at a 200 ma. maximum, so it limits the charge current to that value, you can of course use a higher value, just enter the setup mode to change it. I don't think you can program it for any value that will harm the charger, it really is a nice bit of engineering. ☺

    Clever idea. I often use a voltage regulator when I have to make a custom power supply. But I like your method too.

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    Thankyou. I, infact had an AC-DC adapter, but it was faulty. Then these cheap cellphone chargers caught my eye...